Self-Esteem: Judo is an ideal sport for all ages, male or female and attracts very many disability groups. Confidence and self-esteem are enhanced as a player progresses through the ranks and the very nature of the grading system ensures that the next goal is always realistic and achievable with effort. The grading system also ensures that regardless of their skill level all judo players can actively compete with players of similar ability and hence they have a reasonable chance of emerging victorious.

Special Needs: The ethos of judo is based around the principles of fair play, respect for one’s self and others, self-discipline and friendship. Children with special needs can benefit greatly from judo. Children who are hyperactive get the opportunity to release their energy in a controlled environment. Children who lack self-esteem are given friendship from fellow judo players and can benefit as they see themselves progress through the grading system. There are even benefits in defeat as well, as the sport lays great emphasis on discipline and self-control, it is rare indeed to see a player
ungracious in defeat at any level from Club training to International competition. A handshake almost always follows the traditional bow at the end of a contest and the defeated player, though perhaps disappointed with the result, remains respectful of the winner.

Judo was developed in Japan by Dr Jigoro Kano towards the end of the 19th century and has evolved from being a martial art into one of the world’s most popular sports. Since its inclusion in the 1964 Olympic Games judo has progressed rapidly and is without doubt the worlds most popular combat sport. Judo is however much more than a sport, it is also seen to be effective as an educational system in both physical and moral spheres. In the UK and more recently in Ireland many primary schools are introducing judo after-school clubs because of the positive qualities that can be gained from children participating.

Bullying: It is clear to see that judo and anti-bullying policies go hand in hand. This would add a great deal to any school policy and evidence of a proactive approach to eradicating it. Judo has been seen to actively reduce bullying. Bullies can only get away with their reigns of terror in relatively uncontrolled environments and the disciplined training hall removes them from their position of power.

 At the same time they themselves learn discipline and self control, quite often whilst losing to players who were previously victims of their bullying.

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The organisation's primary mission is to create opportunities for children and adults to participate in a safe, constructive and inclusive environment, enabling each participant to achieve their full potential in their selected area of activity within our organisation.
Black Eagle Judo & Judo Assist, teach the fundamentals of the sport and good sportsmanship and respect for all participants; emphasizing:

>Fundamental individual & team based skills
>Age & skill appropriate competition

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Places Now Available
Due to natural progression we have a small number of places available on our 5 - 11yrs Black Eagle Judo classes on Monday & Wednesday in Ardcroney, Nenagh, Tipperary
We also have 2 places available at our Judo Assist classes in Portumna, Galway

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